2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On April 26, The Last Day Of The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

Today, April 26, the Jupiter-Uranus alliance ends, promising abundance for two zodiac signs. Everyday moments present the opportunity you're striving to manifest. 

You can answer that question email, go to a new café, or promote yourself. Most life-defining moments aren't big. It will appear as a chance to redirect and, if you're lucky, align yourself with your abundant existence.

Jupiter and Uranus aligned in Taurus on April 20, although the transit began on April 15 and ends on Friday, April 26.

Knowing that many significant astrological transits that provide divine possibilities last more than a day can help you spot a fortuitous break in life. 

When a defining moment arrives, you define it or it defines you, remarked Kevin Costner. This is especially true for us.

Virgo abundance affirmation: I will make the most of every lucky opportunity in my life.


Aries abundance affirmation: I am committed to creating greater abundance.


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