3 Zodiac Signs Are Very Lucky In Love During The Sagittarius Moon On April 26

A positive Pluto/Moon transit on April 26 benefits three zodiac signs. This is when we realize our partners have always listened. 

 We may have fallen into a rut, thinking we just talk without being 'heard,' but our loving partners will surprise us by listening to every word we say.

If anything we've stated has to do with urging 'they' change, we'll see that during this Pluto transit, they've heard us and are acting on our advice.

Knowing this Pluto transit works with a Sagittarius Moon boosts hope. This day shows that our partners are listening and respecting our remarks, and their favorable suggestions are now coming. We must now listen. We should listen to our romantic partners and honor their words.

Leo, Pluto meets the Sagittarius Moon to boost your life, especially your relationship with your lover on Friday. You know you may have high expectations and think it's nice. 


As the year progresses, you adapt to the changes. On April 26, your lover needs something you're excited to do. You're thrilled when your lover asks for the hard stuff because it shows they trust you


You always defied expectations and refused to be boxed in. Your love partner must acknowledge and respect this facet of your personality. 


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