Aaron Rodgers makes an astonishing offer to a New York Jets rookie after the NFL draft.  

Aaron Rodgers has invited New York Jets rookie Malachi Corley to stay in his guest house as the quarterback and wide receiver prepare to play together this season.  

Rodgers, 40, received a call from his new teammate on the second night of the NFL Draft, and he extended the offer.  

Corley, 22, was selected in the third round by the Jets with their recently acquired 65th overall pick.  

The team moved up in the draft order to acquire Corley, trading with the Carolina Panthers from their original No. 72 pick.   

Jets general manager Joe Douglas wasted no time in calling the athlete and welcome him to the team.  

Corley has said that he has been in contact with Rodgers since draft night and has communicated with the veteran for the past week.   

"I talked to him on draft night," he told reporters on Friday, adding, "I've texted him the last couple of nights."  

The rookie is clearly excited. "I'm just like a little kid," Corley added. "He is the grownup. He is the MVP, a Hall of Famer, and all of that.  

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