Adding bananas to your smoothies is (apparently) making them less nutritious

 Bananas make smoothies creamy and tasty, but they may limit health benefits.  

 In his Instagram post, functional medicine specialist Dr. Pedi Mirdamadi says, “Do not eat bananas with your smoothies,,,

 He says, “They could counteract some of smoothies' benefits.  

 Because bananas contain polyphenol oxidase.  

 This enzyme degrades polyphenol, a great vitamin found in berries and smoothie supplements like greens powders.  

 According to Dr. Mirdamadi, adding bananas to your smoothie may not maximise their nutrition.  

 Consultant dietician and diabetic educator Kanikka Malhotra says, “Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) is an enzyme found in many fruits and vegetables, including bananas.   

 PPO activates when bananas are chopped or blended.  

 This enzyme reacts with atmospheric oxygen and polyphenols, which provide fruits and vegetables their health advantages.  

 PPO turns polyphenols into dark chemicals, darkening them.  

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