Beyoncé’s ‘pissed’ reaction to ‘Renaissance’ tour stage crew’s mistake goes viral

A stage crew botched the end of Sunday's "Renaissance" tour stop in Amsterdam, and Queen Bey's "pissed" reaction was captured on video.  

In the viral video, Beyoncé, 41, remained sitting atop a silver horse during her "Summer Renaissance" performance when her production team missed their cue to assist her down.  

When a crew member reached out to rescue Bey, the singer was seen brushing his hand away.  

Beyoncé, 41, also shifted her microphone aside, mouthing "Oh, my God!" at the workers.  

On Monday, Twitter users wondered whether the stage staff "got fired" or went "home with no money" as a result of the mishap.  

"Beyoncé definitely had a staff meeting immediately after the show," an audience member said.  

Another commented, "This was a lot..." The shot shows dancers in inappropriate locations, Reneigh [the horse's name] and Beyoncé still on the ground.  

Beyoncé slapped the crew members' hands after they tried to tug on her, and she pushed the stair case away because she was upset. "The show was chaotic."  

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