Blake Lively Just Made Superhero Nail Art Seem Romantic

 Celebrity romances often end tragically, but Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one we'll root for forever.  

 They send caustic Instagram posts, knock down rumours like pros, and support one other when it counts  

 Lively wore her husband's face on her nails to Friday night's Deadpool 2 premiere to support him.  

 Elle Gerstein, Lively's 15-year nail artist, said the actress came up with the beautiful Reynolds homage .

 She says, "It was a collaborative decision," but Blake always has a vision. She wanted to support her husband and act her part."  

 Gerstein painted Lively's nails black (Essie Licorice) save for three white (Essie Gel Couture in First Fitting, which comes in June) to compliment her clothing, which appears to be a subtle allusion to the superhero's black-and-red uniform.  

 Lively insisted that Gerstein add Swarovski crystals to her left hand's index finger's X-force painting for glitter.  

 These tiny stones highlighted the glitter particles in the red lacquer (Essie Toggle to the Top ,,,

 used to paint the Deadpool heart on her right hand and face on her left, unlike Gerstein's vintage crystals for Lively's Met Gala look.  

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