Bleach: Why Ichigo stands apart from other protagonists.  

Ichigo Kurosaki's relatable attributes distinguish him from other anime heroes, making him more realistic and human.  

Ichigo's ultimate purpose is to protect everyone in danger, which reflects his deep motivations and universal need for safety and security.  

Ichigo's development and power stem from soul-searching and accepting his actual nature, making him a relatable everyday hero.  

People frequently criticise Bleach's main character, Ichigo Kurosaki. Non-Bleach fans frequently complain that he is a boring protagonist with no personality,  

This distinction from his peers, on the other hand, expresses Ichigo's strengths.  

Ichigo is a much more realistic and human character, which makes him easier to relate to and understand.  

Bleach's Ichigo, as well as several other key characters in the manga, would never have realised their full potential if not for their mentors.  

Unlike Luffy and Naruto, Ichigo lives in a world much closer to real life. He’s a student in Karakura Town.  

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