Chiefs WR Addresses Concern Over His Weight

The Kansas City Chiefs have another wide receiver with incredible speed.  

Xavier Worthy ran a record-breaking 4.21 40-yard sprint at the NFL Combine, giving the Chiefs a guy capable of burning every corner.   

Despite his speed, some analysts are concerned about Worthy's weight (169 pounds), but he isn't paying any attention to what they say.  

"I don't think it'll be an issue. I believe that understanding your own talents and shortcomings is the most important thing in the league. 

Obviously, you shouldn't try to hit a 250-pound linebacker. Simply understanding your strengths, like I previously stated.  

D-Jack entered the league at 169 and knew his strengths, so just use your strengths to your advantage," Worthy stated.   

Worthy played three seasons at Texas and was one of the top wide receivers in the NCAA in 2023, totaling 75 receptions for 1,014 yards and five touchdowns

His 1,014 yards were his highest total in a single season. 

It followed a 2022 season in which he caught 60 passes for 750 yards and nine touchdowns.

He'll try to shatter that record in the NFL, and he has a decent chance of doing so because he'll be receiving passes from Patrick Mahomes. 

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