Commanders Offer $72 Million Defensive Tackle  

The Washington Commanders got first-spherical talent at second-round fees when they selected Illinois protecting tackle Jer’Zhan Newton early in the 2d round of the 2024 NFL Draft. 

one day for longtime Washington defensive tackle Jonathan Allen, who signed a 4-year, $seventy two million contract extension in July 2021. 

mainly after Allen became vocal approximately his frustrations with the franchise in 2023. 

whenever you have a disgruntled participant at the roster and a brand new teach and shielding scheme coming in … matters don’t constantly workout for the player —  

regardless of how gifted that participant is or has been for the franchise inside the past,” Watson wrote. 

this will be what subsequently takes place to Allen; Quinn got here in and drafted another three-tech protecting 

address in Jer’Zhan Newton … a player with — on paper — the same size, quickness, and play style as Allen 

It’s a big compliment for Watson to compare Newton to Allen, who has spent over a decade as one of the NFL’s exceptional indoors defensive linemen on some pretty awful teams

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