Country star Colt Ford says he 'died twice' after suffering a heart attack.  

In an appearance on the "Big D & Bubba" show, the country singer described the "traumatic, crazy experience" and said that he died twice before reaching the hospital.  

"I didn't even remember coming out here to do a show in Phoenix, and apparently we played this great, sold-out show and it was incredible," Ford was quoted as saying in a phone interview.  

"I walked back to the bus, texted my fiancée, ‘Hi baby,’ and fell over dead."I died two times. Fortunately, my band members came out to check on me. "That's when everything went wrong."    

Ford, 54, had recently performed at Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row in Gilbert, Arizona, according to a statement released to Fox News Digital at the time. He was formerly in "stable, but critical condition in the ICU."   

He admitted that after messaging his fiancée, "I don't remember anything."Ford was told he was being transported to another hospital that could give better care, and he "died on the way over" to that facility,  

but physicians "brought me back, saved my life." "The Lord had more for me to do, 

more music for me to make, hopefully more differences to make in some people's lives," he went on to say.   

When he awoke two days later, doctors informed him that his chances of survival were slim.   

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