Accessorize with Von T Jewelry, permanent jewelry offered in Roger

 Kayla Ness-Witte has 23 years of fine jewellery experience.  

 After working in retail fine jewellery in Minnesota, she travelled to Dallas to work for a jewellery manufacturer.  

 Her family returned to Rogers-Otsego, Minnesota, in 2016. Ness-Witte's friends urged her to start a business and helped her name it Von T Jewellery.  

 She chose the name to express her love for family. She wanted to honour Hope, a miscarried baby girl, and her two sons' names start with “T”.  

 I'm a Christian mom, and we wanted alternative hope.  

 ‘von’ means hope. So ‘Von’ represents my baby ‘Hope’ in heaven and ‘T’ represents my sons, said Ness-Witte.  

 Von T Jewellery started as a concierge fine jewellery service, helping clients choose engagement/wedding rings and diamond jewellery.  

 Ness-Witte still provides this service but has grown.  

 “This last year, I created my online collection using my unique industry experiences and knowledge of fashion trends,” Ness-Witte added.  

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