Dez Bryant: Bill Belichick banned Ezekiel Elliott from returning to Dallas.  

Even before the clock struck three zeroes in the Packers' shocking 48-32 victory over Dallas, speculation circulated about whether Mike McCarthy would return as Cowboys head coach. 

If team owner and general manager Jerry Jones does fire McCarthy, veteran Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been mentioned as a possible replacement after his 24-year tenure in New England ended last week.

But former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant shot down those rumors Sunday evening, alleging that the Cowboys were interested in bringing back former running back Ezekiel Elliott for the playoffs, but Belichick had forbidden them from doing so.

Elliott got a one-year contract with Belichick's Patriots last offseason after the Cowboys released him after years of deteriorating performance.

 The former Ohio State standout continued his on-field decline in New England during the 2023 season, but he has long been a favorite of Jones and one of quarterback Dak Prescott's 

best friends, so a reunion could have made sense, if only to get Elliott back in the team's locker room during the most important part of the season.

However, that reunion would have required Belichick to release Elliott from New England, which finished 4-13, the worst record in the famous coach's tenure.

Even though the Patriots were out of playoff contention weeks before the end of the season, it appears that Belichick was unwilling to release Elliott. 

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