Even more proud than Drake himself is Kendrick Lamar, who is his biggest hater.

Drake annoys Kendrick Lamar; "Euphoria" shows why.   

Ricardo Rubio/Europa Press/Getty Images   

Rap beef requires actual feeling, as Kendrick Lamar reminded us.   

This morning, the LA rapper published a six-minute diatribe against Drake as a rapper and, more significantly, as a human assassination. 

"Euphorcia" echoes Drake's MAX smash drama of the same name and Lamar's joy in finally releasing these things.    

Lamar's song is the latest chapter in the two rap heavyweights' epic feud.    

This chronology dates back over a decade and was resurrected in 2024 with a storm of true and fake nasty diss tunes.   

In the opening stanza, Lamar says, "Know you a master manipulator, and habitual liar, too / But don't tell no lie 'bout me, and I won't tell truths 'bout you."   

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