Farmhouse Fixer Star Jonathan Knight Reveals HGTV Spinoff Plans  

While HGTV viewers are excited to see Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin back on Farmhouse Fixer for Season 3, there's even more to look forward to.  

A new four-episode spinoff is coming shortly! New series Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp is a shift for Jonathan.  

Instead of repairing farmhouses, he's turning various structures into a summer hideaway  

Jon said, "I've always wanted to have a small resort or a boutique hotel, and my business partner sent me a link to a 12-acre, 10-cabin property in New Hampshire."  

Jonathan stated he "fell in love" with the property and would consider it.   

He was reluctant to take it on owing to the time (filming Farmhouse Fixer and touring with New Kids on the Block keeps him busy!), but other purchasers made offers, so he "jumped in, full steam ahead."  

He'll be with his parents, sisters, and brother (Jordan Knight, his NKOTB bandmate) for the project.   

Jonathan admitted, "It's been a tough year of finishing that. But it's great, and I can't wait to show results."  

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