Getting data in order key to navigate complexity of ESG issue

 Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) problems focus on how a firm respects and values its employees, customers, clients, vendors, and community.   

 Indeed, firms across many stakeholders are prioritising social issues.  

According to Berkeley Research Group's 5th annual M&A Disputes Report, social issues were among the top five ESG factors in M&A dispute activity last year.  

 With existing and forthcoming law and regulation aimed at tracking and reporting modern slavery ,,,

 and other human rights abuses in supply chains, social issues are projected to become more important.  

 An analysis of the 2024 proxy season, which shows investor concerns, shows various social issues rising.   

 Heidi Welsh, founding executive director of the Sustainable Investments Institute (SII) and co-author of the analysis, says these issues include corporations' political responsibility,,,

 leadership diversity, and workforce GenAI strategies.  

 Her data also shows a growing focus on the alignment between corporate principles and political expenditure targets.  

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