"He's Really Really Hot": 'Gym Trainer' Aaron Rodgers Once Nearly Scored a Date With a Beautiful Chargers Fan  

Could Aaron Rodgers find a date if he weren't Aaron Rodgers? The Jets quarterback once almost got a date while claiming to be David, a trainer at Chuze Fitness.   

Responding to people's curiosity in his resemblance to Aaron Rodgers, David attempted to convince them that he is not Aaron Rodgers, only to be rejected by a possible date.  

Aaron Rodgers appeared on CBS's 'I Get That a Lot' in 2015, attempting to mislead viewers into believing that he is a fitness teacher at Chuze Fitness rather than a highly successful football quarterback.   

And there he met a lovely Chargers fan who was difficult to persuade of his false identity.  

After claiming to watch "more football than some dudes do," the Chargers fan was determined to uncover Rodgers' true identity.   

Until he asked her to go on a date with him and she took a bit too long to respond.   

Quite surprising given that she described Rodgers as "really, really hot."  

That might make sense for a Chargers fan, but she stated that he was her "second favourite" quarterback.  

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