Jennie Garth Drinks This High-Protein Smoothie Every Day—Here's How to Make It

 Beverly Hills, 90210 fans know Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor.  

 The mother of three girls and four dogs recently spoke about Planet Oat's Better Reset Pop-Up event, which gave out coffee and breakfast to passerby in honour of daylight savings time.  

 Garth shared her favourite ways to drink oat milk, including her morning smoothie recipe.  

 The veteran heart health advocate also shared her favourite tea, favourite methods to remain active, and her top heart-health tip .

 I start my day by telling myself everything will go well—mapping that out in my brain, making those connections, and telling myself today will be amazing. 

I get up and create a nutritious, action-packed smoothie.  

 Put in a frozen banana. I add half a banana, frozen orange, frozen mango, and a huge bunch of fresh spinach.   

 Then MCT oil, flaxseed oil, two dates, and a whole lemon, rind and all. Just include that.  

 Add ice, Planet Oat milk, bee pollen, and unflavored plant-based protein. A ginger chunk too,,, 

Kym Johnson shared her morning smoothie recipe, which her kids like.Well, why did you partner with Planet Oat for Better Reset pop-ups .

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