Ja Morant makes a major announcement.

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies standout, has officially signed with a new agency.   

In a post on Thursday, LIFT Sports revealed that Morant has joined their team.  

"LIFT Sports Management, created in 2020, is a best-in-class athlete representation agency that specialises in maximising professional potential for clients both on and off the court.  

LIFT prioritises its athletes' requirements and provides 360° service, taking an elevated and unconventional approach.   

Our results-oriented approach, attention to detail, and unflinching integrity set us apart as we work to establish a diverse and innovative workforce.  

LIFT already has multiple NBA clients and brand collaborations, and now Morant has joined their team.  

The Grizzlies star is one of the most popular players in the NBA, and he is poised for a breakout season next year.  

Morant, who is scheduled to return from shoulder surgery at the start of next season, is fully committed to his team and himself having a successful season.   

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