Jason Kelce Is Barely Recognizable In Photo From Younger Day

Jason Kelce, a former centre for the Philadelphia Eagles, is now embarking on what is expected to be a very successful second career in the media.   

Some people believe that Kelce will go down in history as one of the best players to ever ever play his position. 

Although he has played football for a decade and a half, the Kelce brothers' oldest sibling has worn a variety of distinct appearances during his career.

while his now-remarkable beard was only beginning to show from the beginning.  

About a year was all that was required for him to grow out the hair on his beard. However,  

he would begin experimenting with his head hair for a period of time; this would be his primary focus.   

On multiple occasions between the years 2012 and at least 2014, Kelce was observed wearing a mullet:  

Approximately in the year 2016, Kelce gave up the mullet, but he ran it again in the year 2020:  

During the year 2021, Kelce experimented with his hairdo to the fullest extent, dying his head hair blonde:  

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