Jimmy Kimmel is under fire for an insensitive joke about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.  

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have received a slew of negative comments and criticism from fans all over the world since they made their relationship official.   

Not only are the couple's detractors attacking them, but so are members of the entertainment industry.   

I'm particularly referring to Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian and talk show host.   

He appears to have a personal grudge against Taylor and Travis, as he never misses an opportunity to make some kind of statement about them.   

After making a pretty poor joke about Taylor Swift at the Oscars 2024, Jimmy Kimmel has now equated Travis' contract deal with the Chiefs to Taylor's net wealth.   

This has clearly irritated the Swfities, who are slamming him all over social media. Here's what he said.   

Jimmy Kimmel's comedic abilities are not being appreciated this time for his rude jokes about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship, which included comparing the American football player to his rich girlfriend.  

On his April 30 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the TV personality recently compared the two and their incomes, claiming that the Kansas City Chiefs' tight end is "broke" despite his recent record-breaking contract with the team.   

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