John Mulaney Just Dealt With A Messy Parenting Milestone With His Son Malcolm

Olivia Munn was in New York City over the weekend, leaving her partner John Mulaney and their two-year-old son Malcolm at home.  

Munn missed a parenting milestone while she was overseas, and she was probably not too disappointed.   

Because baby's first floater in the tub isn't as amazing as baby's first steps or words, Munn got to share in Mulaney's excitement by texting her about it.   

Texts that she generously shared with her Instagram followers, allowing us to all experience the comedian dealing with Malcolm pooping in the tub.  

The Office Party star took to Instagram on Monday to share a recent text conversation with Mulaney.  

"I'm in New York while John is at home with Malcolm," she said on Instagram, accompanied by a screenshot of their discussion set to the music of Harry Chapin's famous father-son ballad, "Cat's In The Cradle.  

Mulaney's first text said, "Malcolm pooped in the tub." Munn responded, "Oh my God. Did you wash him in the shower afterward?"  

Anyone who has ever been the parent at home dealing with a floater in the bathtub while the other parent is abroad will understand Mulaney's somewhat irritated response.   

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