Joshua Tree's celebrity rattlesnake wrangler aims to transform your view of reptiles.  

Spring begins the high desert's sluggish season. Under the scorching heat, tourism falls. Business hours are reduced.  

But Danielle Wall's business improves.  

Tattooed and cutoff, the 29-year-old is Joshua Tree's top rattlesnake wrangler.  

She receives calls, texts, and social media posts from April to October from folks who want her to remove toxic visitors.  

Her profession has given her a front-row view to the tremendous changes that have changed this part of the Mojave Desert in recent years, as pandemic-era policies lured investors and new people.  

Wall also changed how residents view reptiles, which she says are unfairly criticised.  

“I always tell people I’m afraid of two things: men and distracted drivers, and that’s it,” Wall added.  

Four were successful removals. Two were for nonvenomous snakes, which she rarely moves. One rattlesnake beat her “fair and square.” 

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