Kevin Costner Opens The Door To A 'Yellowstone' And Taylor Sheridan Reunion.  

It's not over 'til it is. Kevin Costner also says that he isn't done working with creator Taylor Sheridan or Yellowstone.  

The fifth season of Yellowstone is slated to be the show's final season, due to purported schedule issues that have caused star Kevin Costner to leave.   

Yellowstone is currently set to run its final episodes in November before debuting a new, Costner-free spinoff series, 2024, in December.  

However, Costner, who plays patriarch John Dutton on the show, maintains that the final episodes have yet to be completed.  

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his latest project, Horizon: An American Saga  

Costner revealed that he has yet to communicate with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan regarding the final episodes.  

He did, however, say that he is open to future collaborations with Sheridan, whether they are Yellowstone-related or something new.  

The topics he chooses are really intriguing to me. I enjoy a lot of that stuff. Yellowstone represents something that could continue. But that's a Taylor question.  

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