Lawyers for teen in Ja Morant assault claim withdraw from the case.  

The lawyers representing the youngster suing Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant have withdrawn from the case.  

Shelby County Circuit Court Judge Carol Chumney approved a joint motion to withdraw during a hearing Friday morning.  

Holloway brought a lawsuit against Morant in September 2022. The case comes from an event in July 2022,   

when Holloway claims Morant and his friend Davonte Pack hit him during a casual basketball game at Morant's house.   

Holloway was seventeen at the time of the incident.  

Morant, a two-time NBA All-Star, claims Holloway threw a basketball at his face and approached him in a menacing manner.   

Morant admitted to striking Holloway, but said he was acting in self-defense throughout the altercation.  

On April 8, Chumney ruled that Morant acted in self-defense and “enjoys a presumption of civil immunity” under Tennessee’s self-defense immunity statute. 

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