LeBron James Is Strongly Hinting That Retirement Is Coming Soon

With the Los Angeles Lakers being eliminated by the Denver Nuggets last night, LeBron James' future with the team is now uncertain. But is he ready to end his NBA career?  

LeBron made a series of semi-cryptic statements during his postgame press conference following last night's game  

Almost all of them implied that he is retiring or seriously considering it.  

"It's coming," LeBron stated when asked about retiring, according to Bleacher Report.  

"I do not see myself sliding off anytime soon. But now, what am I doing? What's left? At some time, you have to hang it up."  

"I've missed a lot of family time and they allowed me to do that and never put no pressure on me."  

It has long been assumed that LeBron wants to stay in the NBA long enough to play alongside his son Bronny James, who has recently entered the 2024 NBA Draft pool.   

However, if LeBron simply does not see the value of staying, there is little that can be done. It isn't only injuries that force the game's greatest players to retire.   

If LeBron is indeed ready to retire, he will leave a legacy as one of the greatest players in American sports history.   

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