LSU's Livvy Dunne Joins Passes in Company's First NIL Deal

A multimillion-dollar NIL contract was inked by Livvy Dunne, a gymnastics sensation from LSU, with content monetization platform Passes. This is the first partnership with an NCAA player for the corporation.  

"It's a new and unique way for my followers to have access like never before to behind-the-scenes and parts of my journey as an athlete and a creator," stated Dunne in a press release.  

In 2022, Lucy Guo, the founder of the company, introduced Passes, which now has over 1,000 artists. Signing a collegiate sports icon was a huge deal for Passes as they entered the NIL game.  

The dynamic NIL landscape and her strong entrepreneurial spirit are exemplified, Guo stated in a Zoom interview with Sportico. We're thrilled to have her on board as the inventor of Passes.   

Like Livvy, every collegiate athlete I know is completely smitten with her. For us, it was an obvious choice.  

Joining the platform is contingent upon creators having a minimum of 100,000 followers. That's absolutely no problem for Dunne, who boasts an impressive eight million TikTok followers, five million Instagram followers, and 130,000 X (previously Twitter) followers.  

With a creator fee that takes 10% + 30 cents from creators on every purchase, the corporation earns $10.30 out of every $100 sale.  

In an alternative tier, creators can choose to have Passes take a flat 20% cut, meaning they keep 80% of the profits.According to Guo, Patreon is Passes' major rival. Patreon takes 5% to 12% of creative income across three categories of membership.  

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