Luke Grimes Finally Addressed Kevin Costner's Future on 'Yellowstone'

Everyone—Luke Grimes has spoken! The actor spoke to The Independent on Kevin Costner's possible departure from Yellowstone and Horizon: An American Saga.  

Key fact: Grimes plays Kayce Dutton, Costner's character's son, in the classic Western series.  

Grimes concluded with encouragement for the new films: "I know Costner worked on passion projects.   

Man, you gotta do what you love at some time."Well, it was cool! Happy to hear the Dutton actors get along.   

However, Costner's recent cowboy boots hint at returning to Yellowstone precedes this news.  

Costner revealed his Yellowstone future in an early April Entertainment Tonight interview.  

"I haven't been able to do it, but I want to. I assumed I'd make seven seasons, but we're at five "said.   

"I hope it works well, but they have many shows. It might. This may come back to me. If it happens and I'm comfortable, I'll do it."  

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