Matthew and Camila McConaughey go pantsless again for Pantalones tequila promotion

Camila Alves McConaughey and Matthew McConaughey, the faces and names from McConaughey Tequila, have been seen baring their bottoms again, this time while playing pickleball.  

Commemorating 'No trousers Day' on May 3, a new ad for Pantalones Organic Tequila features a couple who, although wearing trousers, mix a drink before playing a game of pickleball without pants."Is Après-Pickleball even actually a thing? 

As Matthew pushes a drink trolley, he asks Camila.So now he looks directly into the camera and says, "Well it is now."  

Making the new Pantalones Pickle Margarita, the couple adds ice, jalapeños, pickle juice, lime juice, agave, and Pantalones Organic Tequila.  

We value our tequila more than our trousers', Matthew and Camila stated. An air of superiority has begun to settle into the tequila category as its popularity has skyrocketed. Modern tequila discourse mirrors that of fine wine.   

Although we applaud fervour for tequila, we would want to emphasise that, most importantly, it is intended to be enjoyed.  

That's the origin of the word Pantalones, and it's also the reason you won't see us wearing them, they explained.  

According to the brand's statement, nearly all of their work in 2024 will be pants-free.  

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