ZaaZaa: A decadent avocado smoothie to break the Ramadan fast

 "When I was a kid, we would split an avocado in half, sprinkle sugar on top, and eat it with a spoon," said Alia Al Kasimi,,,

founder of Flavours of Morocco and author of Moroccan Cookies: 20 Recipes You Must Try Before You Die.

 "In most parts of the world, people think of avocado as a savoury food rather than a dessert.

The mixture's origins are unknown. The first avocado plantations in Morocco were planted in the early 2000s, but the country is now the ninth largest exporter.

 As avocados became more common, Al Kasimi says Moroccans naturally experimented and grew more inventive in their cuisine. 

 Though called a smoothie, ZaaZaa is more like a layered sundae.

  This "smoothie" contains avocados, milk, and dried fruits like raisins and dates.

 In a glass with syrup (chocolate, caramel, strawberry are usual), banana and kiwi slices are layered. KitKat bars, Oreo biscuits, and whipped cream are common toppings. 

 "ZaaZaa is calorie bomb," Al Kasimi complained. "Eating with a spoon is necessary due to its thickness.

 That view is shared by food researcher and content creator Dave Patera, who recreates his family's North African cuisine.

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