Fossil Fuel Companies Build Structures To Hide Methane Flaring From Satellite

 fossil fuel companies have sought for decades to convince the public that their methane, sold as 'natural gas', is a clean 'bridge fuel' to the future.  

 No way. Methane burns cleaner than coal but affects the atmosphere 80 times more than carbon dioxide.  

 For decades, humans have monitored the Keeling Curve, which records carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, but until recently, no one has monitored methane levels.  

 However, satellites can now measure unburned methane from drilling sites, pipelines, distribution lines, and even buildings, revealing orders of magnitude more.   

 Even though their product contributes to global warming, the industry has dismissed such emissions as a cost of doing business.   

 Capturing all ground-level methane would be too expensive and damage their business model, they say.   

 Ignored and odourless, methane is considered as a commodity that may be irresponsibly wasted.  

 If it were gold, we would find ways to catch it all.  

 Two methods can dispose of surplus methane at the wellhead. Vent or flare it. Satellites detect free releases.   

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