NNPC, marketers in war of words over fuel scarcity

 The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation blames panic purchasing and aggressive activities by petroleum marketers who are profiting from the fuel shortage.  

 The business also promised to halt nationwide fuel lineups next Monday, saying it had adequate fuel.  

 Petroleum merchants disagreed with the NNPC, arguing that limited supply caused fuel scarcity. 

 On Tuesday, NNPC spokesperson Femi Soneye said the petroleum product scarcity and lines would be resolved by May 1.  

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 The corporation had about 1.5 billion litres of petroleum products for 30 days, he said. He noted that some may be profiting from the situation.  

 The Major Energies Marketers Association of Nigeria claimed its Apapa and other Lagos members got 300 million gallons of fuel from eight boats this week.  

 Ayo Cardoso, South-West Regional Coordinator of the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority,,,

 told The PUNCH that approximately 85 million litres of petrol were offloaded at various depots as of Tuesday evening, in addition to the 240 million litres offloaded on Monday.  

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