Olivia Dunne: The LSU Gymnastics Star Who Attained National Champion Status  

Among Olivia "Livvy" Dunne's accomplishments is the addition of a national title. As a member of the LSU Tigers, the 21-year-old gymnast helped the squad earn its first-ever NCAA championship.  

The accomplishment was shared by Livvy and her squad, even though she did not participate in the finals.  

On Instagram, she posted a video of the LSU Tigers hoisting their enormous trophy with the caption, "#champions #ncaa #lsu #gymnastics."  

The caption continued, "Forever LSU."Considering that the COVID-19 epidemic halted Livvy's debut season, the news makes one wonder if she will make the most of her fifth year of eligibility.  

Having an 8 million strong TikTok following and a hectic college career are just a few of Livvy's many accomplishments.   

To begin with, how did Livvy achieve such fame? Let's reminisce on her time spent gymnastics.When Livvy was just three years old, she began gymnastics. Almost twenty years ago, Livvy began her gymnastics journey.  

Actually, she began competing at the youngest age possible—three years old—and she "wanted a sparkly pink leotard," as she put it on her website. Very good. "However, I was naive about the glorious future that lay ahead of me," she related.  

A parent from Livvy's gym in Paramus, New Jersey, invited her to a pre-team tryout when she was five years old. "As soon as I began competing, I realized how much I loved the sport," she commented.Beginning in 2020, she attended LSU on a full scholarship she received in 2017.  

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