Patrick Mahomes' Jokes He can't keep up with Travis Kelce at parties anymore.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have chemistry on the football pitch that doesn't transcend to late-night parties.  

"No, I cannot [keep up with him]," Mahomes, 28, said during the Thursday, May 2 episode of Logan Paul's "Impaulsive" podcast.  

"I guess I used to, but I had children. During our time in Las Vegas, I left early every night. You can hear my voice now.   

"You have to pick and choose these days." (Patrick has two children with wife Brittany Mahomes.)  

Kelce had signed with the organisation as a tight end four years ago.   

Patrick and Kelce developed into a formidable NFL duo, winning three Super Bowls together.  

"He puts on this persona of 'I'm partying, I'm drinking [or] whatever,' but he's actually extremely brilliant.   

He goes on the football pitch, he opens up, and I just know where he's going to be [while] I believe our friendship developed naturally.  

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