Police Say Ja Morant Is 'Fine' After Cryptic Post, Report  

When he uploaded a mysterious video to Instagram on Wednesday morning, Ja Morant.

The standout point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, startled a lot of people in the basketball community.

After a video of him brandishing a gun surfaced on social media, Morant—who was just suspended by the NBA for the second time.

In as many months—posted and later removed a little video in which he showed his love for his parents and daughter before writing "bye."

According to TMZ, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office allegedly checked on Morant's wellbeing because the video raised enough concerns.

According to a department official who talked with TMZ, Morant was discovered by the police in his Tennessee home and is "fine."

It was said in his post that he is taking a vacation from social media.

Instagram videos of Morant carrying guns have led to both of his most recent suspensions.

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