Rapsody has given her thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's legendary album, To Pimp a Butterfly, while cautiously commenting on the conflict between the Compton native and J. Cole.   

The lyricist spoke on The Bootleg KevPodcast on Saturday (April 27) to express her perspective on both issues, and she made it plain that her stance on the beef was being aired against her better judgment.   

"I try not to speak on these things - the whole thoughts, myself, I mean," she was quoted as saying. "But eh. He is a man. He made a decision. But what if I am only speaking for myself? What if I were in that position? I enjoy this - the spirit of it, the fun of it."  

Rapsody spoke on To Pimp A Butterfly about being on the album as the rivalry between the two rappers raged on, saying, "When Cole made his apology, and when he did it, I was like, 'I would never approach it, going at his discography.'" "But the art of war is simply...war is war."  

Earlier this month, J. Cole openly apologized to Kendrick Lamar for insulting him on "7 Minute Drill" while performing at the Dreamville festival.  

Cole expressed sorry for releasing the surprise song and retracted his comments on his old friend.  

"I'm very proud of [Might Delete Later], except for one area. It's one aspect of that crap that makes me feel like, "Man, that's the lamest shit I did in my fuckin' life," right?   

And I know this is not what many people want to hear," he told the audience during his headlining performance on April 7th.  

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