Ryan Gosling opens up about one Oscar role he would like to do over: Watch

Ryan Gosling recently revealed that he would like to redo one of his Oscar roles.  

In a new interview with WSJ. Magazine's June/July issue, the Notebook star revealed how his hand appeared on the billboard for the movie La La Land, bent opposite Emma Stone.  

Ryan, who received an Oscar nod for Best Actor in La La Land, stated, "There's a scene in which   

Emma and I are dancing that haunts me. And I had no idea this would become the movie's poster."  

The Fall Guy actor remembered the moment before recording the scene, saying, "We were supposed to have our hands up  

so I thought it'd be cool to put my hand like that."  

"Everyone told me it wasn't cool, but he was sure that [his bent hand gesture] was cooler than [having his hand straight up]," Ryan was quoted as saying.  

The Barbie star commented, "Now that I have to stare at it all the time, what would have been cooler than this? That simply killed the energy in that manner."  

"It's simply a lazy... "I call it 'La La Hand,'" he joked.  

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