Shedeur Sanders' Draft Odds Drop After Questionable Social Media Activity

Shedeur Sanders, a quarterback for Colorado, is currently the favourite to be selected first overall in the 2025 NFL Draft for the Colorado Buffaloes.  

During the weekend, when the starting lines were made public, Sanders was placed at a position of +100,   

which indicated that there was an implied probability of fifty percent that he would be selected first overall.  

Sanders still has the highest odds, but his odds have dropped to +300, which is a significant decrease.  

Given that the draft is over a year away and that there were only a few of days between the shifts in the odds  

the most plausible cause for Sanders's slide is the controversy that he has been involved in on social media.  

Shedeur and his father Deion, who is the head coach at Colorado, have been engaging in back-and-forth conversations with former players from   

Colorado on X and Twitter, and as a result, they have received their fair share of criticism.  

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