Taylor Swift Bandcamp Page Hijacked by Screamo Act

Swifties may have noticed that Taylor Swift now has a Bandcamp page, but it is not what you would anticipate.  

Rather than hosting the pop star's career, the website features songs from Madison James, a member of the New Jersey rock bands Ogbert the Nerd and No Good with Secrets.  

There are presently three tunes on the page, labeled "Taylor Swift 1," "Taylor Swift 2," and "Taylor Swift 3,"  

which were uploaded after James joked last week about "starting a screamo band" after acquiring taylorswift.bandcamp.com.  

"There's no bigger meaning to it besides a one-off joke I made and the way it spiraled into a wider discussion and thing people are excited over has been as funny as it's been interesting," says James.  

"I mean no malice, and I have no deep-seated ideas about the deeper significance of anything  

I'm simply having some fun to make my friends laugh and maybe learn how to compose better riffs.  

James is also preparing to release new music as part of No Good With Secrets. The band's second album, Another Side, is due to be released on May 10th.  

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