The LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne is a national champion.  

Olivia "Livvy" Dunne won a national title. LSU earned its first NCAA title with the 21-year-old gymnast and her squad.  

Livvy celebrated with her team even though she did not compete in the finals.  

"Forever LSU," she said on IG with a video of the Tigers carrying their huge trophy. "#champions #ncaa #lsu #gymnastics."  

It's unclear if Livvy would use her fifth year of eligibility, which was given after her debut season was delayed by COVID-19.

Livvy has a hectic college career and an impressive 8 million TikTok followers.   

How did Livvy become famous? An overview of her gymnastics career.  

Nearly two decades ago, Livvy began gymnastics. Her website states that she started the sport at 3 years old because she “wanted a sparkly pink leotard.” 

At five, Livvy was invited to try out for the pre-team at her Paramus, New Jersey gym, ENA.   

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