Trump claims ‘full and enthusiastic support’ of DeSantis after Florida meeting

After meeting on Sunday for a golf course breakfast in an apparent attempt to repair their friendship following the Republican primary, Donald Trump claimed to have "the full and enthusiastic support" of Ron DeSantis.

"I am very happy to have the full and enthusiastic support of Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida," Trump said on his Truth Social platform Monday afternoon.

"We had a great meeting yesterday, arranged by mutual friend Steve Witkoff, at his beautiful Shell Bay Club in Hollywood, Florida."

Witkoff, an investor, is a friend and contributor to Trump. He has also testified for the former president in his New York civil prosecution for corporate fraud.

DeSantis was originally regarded as Trump's main adversary in the Republican presidential primaries, with a program centered on combating the "woke" cultural forces of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance.

However, due to a botched presidential campaign, DeSantis dropped out after the Iowa caucus in January, allowing Trump to storm to victory despite facing 88 criminal charges and multimillion-dollar civil suits,

including a defamation claim stemming from a rape claim that a judge said was "substantially true".

DeSantis' disastrous presidential campaign forced him to rebuild his connection with Trump.

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