Usher apologises to fans after Lovers and Friends festival gets cancelled

After the Lovers and Friends event was cancelled due to inclement weather,

Usher did everything in his power to provide a little pick-me-up for his fans as well as for himself on the occasion.

According to TMZ, the King of R&B, who was scheduled to perform performances from his album Celebration at the festival, 

 learned the news during his pre-show and expressed his tremendous dissatisfaction with the situation.

He went so far as to take to his social media platforms in order to convey his disgust and offer

 An apology to fans who had travelled from far and wide to witness these artists perform.

'Mannn...' I want you to know that I share your disappointment. According to what he stated on his Instagram Stories, "We were getting ready to turn up and celebrate today."

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, he stated, "I am obligated to comply with the directives issued by city officials and the National Weather Service

" He also reaffirmed his firm conviction that everything occurs for a specific purpose.

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