Who is Sadhbh Malin from Outlander: Blood of My Blood?  

Young Jocasta has been cast in Outlander: Blood of My Blood. Sadhbh Malin will play the role, so find out where you can see her first.  

Jocasta Cameron debuted in Outlander Season 4. She is the only surviving MacKenzie sibling,  

and the last time we saw her, she wasn't doing well with suggestions of French money.  

That came up in Outlander Season 7, where we learned more about the Grants and MacKenzies.  

Jocasta is the youngest of the MacKenzie siblings. It's time to look at the woman who will play the role in the prequel series.  

Malin's debut on-screen job, according to her IMDb website, occurred in 2014.   

She has longer gaps between productions than many others who have joined the series.   

This is an excellent opportunity for her to stand out and secure other parts following Outlander: Blood of My Blood.  

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