Zendaya Opens Up About Disagreements Over Challengers' Ending

The popular sports drama Challengers' open conclusion has already sparked a lot of discussion, apparently even among the actors in the movie.  

Regarding the film's climactic scene, in which Art (played by Mike Faist) finds out his wife was unfaithful to his tennis rival Patrick (Josh O'Connor) the night before his major game, Zendaya has disclosed that she and her mother hold quite different views.  

The Emmy winner said to the New York Times, "My mum read the ending so different." She believed Tashi was "pissed" that the two male characters had realised they no longer needed her.  

Zendaya, on the other hand, disagreed, pointing out that her character smiles "a little bit" at the end of the movie.  

It's intriguing; I thought, 'What? "I'm not sure where you obtained that information," she clarified. "I feel like I know pretty well what I thought this finale was supposed to be as I watch the movie,   

and she's like, 'No. That's exactly what it is. I apologise.Even though he claimed it wasn't deliberate, filmmaker Luca Guadagnino liked how Zendaya's mother read the conclusion.  

"However, I agree with what your mother says, as it brings a depth that surpasses our goals," Luca stated. "If you're going to freeze frame, she smiles at the end in my opinion."  

"Isn't it lovely that we have an ending that people like?" he continued. since "No" is what everyone says. Never leave anything unfinished. You must be aware of the conclusion.  

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